Suppose you have succulents in your garden or home. And you are facing a problem that succulents have stretched stems, but you wanted a compact size for a good look or space. But it’s hard to find information on what to do about that.

This article is for you. I will talk about why succulents have stretched stems and what you can do about them.

What causes your succulent to grow a long stem with flowers?

There are two reasons that your succulent is growing long or leggy stems. One is Insufficient sunlight, and another succulent is one of those kinds that grow long natural stems.

Insufficient light makes it succulent to grow long stems

If you’re not providing them with enough light, this could cause your succulent’s long stem to the flower. 

Succulents need bright light to produce their colorful leaves and flowers. If you live in a dark place or your succulent doesn’t get direct sunlight, it may grow a long stem with flowers to increase its exposure to light. This process’s name is etiolation.

The succulent kind produces naturally long stem

Some succulents, such as Burro’s Tail, String of Pearls, and Agave, can grow long stems with flowers for aesthetic purposes. 

Others, such as Aloe Vera and Echeveria, may grow long stems to increase the surface area available for photosynthesis. 

Finally, some succulents may grow long stems to accommodate a clump-forming growth habit.

Regardless of why a succulent might grow a long stem with flowers, you need to keep an eye on your plant to ensure it is healthy and growing properly.

How to prevent a succulent from growing a long stem with flowers

Provide the right amount of light

If you don’t want your succulent to grow a long stem with flowers, you need to provide the right amount of light. Too much light will cause the plant to stretch and produce flowers. Most succulents’ ideal amount of light is four to six hours of direct sun per day. If you can’t provide this much light, you can supplement it with artificial light. Give them some morning sun, midday sun, and evening sun.

Move the plant

Succulents are often thought of as plants that don’t need much light, but this isn’t always the case. Try transferring the succulent to an area where it will receive more light if you find it starting to grow a long stem without adding more leaves.

The right amount of water

Make sure you’re watering your succulent correctly. Overwatering can also stretch as the plant tries to reach for moisture. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings, and give your succulent a good drink about once a week.

Understand maturation and growth

When understanding succulents, it’s important to know the difference between dormancy and growth. Dormancy is a natural state for plants where they rest and conserve energy. On the other hand, growth is when plants actively produce new leaves and stems. So how do you prevent your succulent from growing a long stem?

First, you need to understand what triggers growth in succulents. For most succulents, growth is triggered by heat and water. 

When the temperature rises in spring and summer, succulents begin to grow. They also need more water during this time. 

So if you want to prevent your plant from growing a long stem, you need to give it less water and keep it in a cooler environment.

How do you fix long leggy stems with flowers?

Follow the steps below to make sure your succulents grow successfully.

Remove Some Leaves

If you are noticing that your succulent is growing long leggy stems with flowers, you may want to consider removing some of the leaves from the plant. This will help shorten the plant’s stem and reduce the amount of foliage produced.

Cut Stem at Soil Level

First, always wear gloves when pruning any plants, as small cuts can easily become infected. Secondly, ensure the cut is made just below the surface of the soil so that water and air can quickly get to the plant’s roots. Finally, ensure not to damage any buds or flowers on the succulent, as these can also be propagated through cuttings.

Propagate the long top stem

If you want to keep the top stem of your succulent plant, pot it in as soon as possible. A pot will help to stabilize the plant and keep it from leaning over. Additionally, a pot will provide a place for the succulent to grow roots and flowers.


In conclusion, succulents can grow in many different ways, and it is hard to predict how they will grow. You need to be patient with succulents and not disturb them when they grow. Following these tips can help your succulent grow the way they want.