Donkey tail succulents are a type of succulent that is native to Mexico. They are named for their long, tail-like leaves that can grow up to 3 feet long. How to propagate donkey tail succulent Donkey tail succulents are popular for succulent gardens because of their unique appearance and easy care. Suppose you’re looking for a new succulent to add to your collection.

In that case, you may be wondering how to propagate donkey tail succulent. This blog post will show you how to propagate donkey tail succulents to enjoy this beautiful plant in your own home. Stay tuned to learn more!

How To Propagate Donkey Tail Succulent?

How To Propagate Donkey Tail Succulent

There are a few ways to propagate donkey tail succulents.

  • One option is to divide the plant into small pieces and replant it in new soil.
  • Another option is to take a cutting from an established plant and root it in water or soil.
  • You can take a stem and cut off a section. Then, you can plant the stem in soil or water.

Propagation Methods for donkey tail succulent:

How To Propagate A Donkey Tail Succulent With Cuttings

How To Propagate Donkey Tail Succulent

Donkey tail succulents are a popular succulent for people who like unusual plants. They are easy to propagate with cuttings, and you can get a new donkey tail succulent plant in just a few weeks. Here’s how to do it:

  • Make a small cut at the base of the stem of the donkey tail succulent you want to propagate. Make sure to remove any roots that are attached to the cutting.
  • Gently remove the cutting from the soil, and place it in a glass or plastic container with fresh potting soil. Ensure the cutting is covered with soil, and water it well until it roots in place.
  • Once the cutting has rooted, gently repot it into a new container, making sure to water it well again before doing so.

You’ll see new growth start to form soon after propagation is complete!

How To Propagate A Donkey Tail Succulent From A Leaf Nodes

How To Propagate Donkey Tail Succulent

The donkey tail succulent is a beautiful and easy to grow succulent that can be propagated from leaf nodes. To propagate a donkey tail succulent from leaf nodes, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the leaf node from the succulent by gently breaking off the stem.
  • Gently rinse the node in water to remove any sap or debris.
  • Insert the node into a succulent of your choice, making sure it is positioned so that both leaves are touching the soil surface.
  • Water the succulent thoroughly and keep it moist until new growth appears.
  • You will know the succulent has germinated when the nodes start to swell and turn green.
  • Once new growth begins, water the succulent regularly and keep it well-watered throughout the summer.

How To Propagate A Donkey Tail Succulent With Seeds

There are a few steps that must be followed to propagate donkey tail succulents with seeds:

  • Gather the necessary materials. You will need a potting soil mix, donkey tail succulent seeds, and water for propagation by seed.
  • Remove the flowers and seeds from the plant, and sow the seeds in potting soil or grow medium.
  • Plant the seeds into the soil mix and water them well. Do not cover the seeds with soil!
  • After a few weeks, you will see small plants emerging from the seedlings. Carefully transplant these young plants into new pots or containers and water them well again.
  • Once they have grown larger, they can be moved outside if desired.
  • Once they do, you can repot them into their container and enjoy your new succulent!

Dividing The Plant

Donkey tail succulents are succulent plants that can be propagated by division. Propagation by division is a simple process that can be done at home. It is the most common way to propagate donkey tail succulents. To propagate donkey tail succulent by division,

  • You will need a sharp knife, a cutting board, and potting soil.
  • Find a healthy Donkey tail succulent plant that you want to divide.
  • Make a small cut in the stem of the Donkey tail succulent plant, just below the ground level.
  • Pour some potting soil into a small container and place the divided Donkey tail succulent plant inside.
  • Fill the container with more potting soil, and ensure that the divided Donkey tail succulent plants are completely covered.
  • Place the container in a shady spot, and water it well every week.
  • Wait until the divided Donkey tail succulents have grown roots, and then you can take them outside if desired.
  • Once they do, you can repot them into their container and enjoy your new succulent!

Propagating Offsets

If you have a donkey tail succulent, you will want to propagate it by propagating offsets. To do this,

  • You will first need to trim off any leaves from the stem.
  • Once the leaves are trimmed, take a sharp knife and make a 1-inch slice just below the base of each leaf.
  • Then take a pencil and make a small mark on each leaf where the knife sliced it.
  • Make sure that all of the leaves are cut in this way.
  • Next, take a large pot or container to fit your succulents and fill it with perlite or sand.
  • Place your succulent in the pot, ensuring that the roots are buried in the sand or perlite.
  • Cover your succulent with plastic wrap and place it in a warm area of your house (near an oven works well).
  • Propagate offsets from your donkey tail succulent by taking one of these cuttings and rooting it in water until it grows roots.
  • Once it has grown roots, you can transfer it to your succulent pot.

How Do You Take Care Of A Donkey Tail?

Donkey tail succulents are popular for gardeners who want a plant that will add some personality to their landscape. You need to take care of a few things to keep this plant healthy and thriving.

  • First, make sure that the soil is moist but not soggy. Water regularly when the soil feels dry, but don’t overdo it. Over watering can lead to root rot and a declining donkey tail succulent.
  • Next, ensure that the light exposure is adequate for your donkey tail succulent. Most of these plants do well in partial or full sunlight but check the label on your specific variety if you’re unsure. Too much light can lead to over-growth and flowers with too much color. Conversely, too little light can cause your donkey tail succulent to disappear and eventually die off.
  • Lastly, be careful when pruning your donkey tail succulents because they are relatively fragile plants. Only take off what needs to be taken off without damaging the roots or leaves below it.

Faq On How To Propagate Donkey Tail Succulent

How Long Does It Take for Donkey Tail To Propagate?

The time it takes for the donkey tail to propagate (or spread) is dependent on a number of factors, including the type of soil, the climate, and the donkey’s care. In general, however, donkeys can be expected to propagate their tails at a rate of approximately 1 inch per month.

How Fast Do Donkey Tail Succulents Grow?

Donkey tail succulents are a type of plant known for their speed of growth. These plants can grow up to 10 inches in a single growing season. This makes them one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Donkey tail succulents are native to the deserts of Africa and Arabia. They are adapted to survive in hot, dry climates. These plants are relatively easy to care for and can be grown in various soil types.

Does Donkey Tail Like Full Sun?

Donkey tail succulent is a succulent that can be propagated through rooting cuttings taken from the stem. It prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade. Donkey tail succulent is drought tolerant but needs consistent watering to maintain a healthy plant.

Why Is My Donkey Tail Shriveling?

There are a few reasons why your donkey’s tail might be shriveling.

  • One possibility is that the donkey is not getting enough water and is dehydrated.
  • Another possibility is that the donkey is not getting enough nutrients in its diet and is malnourished.
  • Finally, it is also possible that the donkey is sick, and the tail is a symptom of the illness. If you are concerned about your donkey’s tail, you should take it to a vet to get checked out.

Why Is My Donkey Tail Losing Leaves?

There are many reasons why donkey tail succulents may lose leaves. Possible causes could include overwatering, too much light, or a lack of nutrients. Overwatering is the most common cause of leaf loss in succulents, as waterlogging can lead to root rot and, ultimately, the death of the plant. Succulents exposed to too much direct sunlight may also suffer from scorching or sunburn, damaging the leaves and even killing them.

How Much Water Does A Donkey Tail Plant Need?

A donkey tail plant needs very little water and can even tolerate drought conditions. It is an ideal plant for xeriscaping or areas that receive little rainfall.

Why Is My Donkey Tail Turning Yellow?

There are several reasons why your donkey tail succulent might be turning yellow.

  • One possibility is that the plant is not getting enough light. Donkey tails need bright, indirect sunlight to thrive. If your plant is sitting in a dark corner, it may start to turn yellow.
  • Another possibility is that the plant is not getting enough water. These succulents are native to arid climates and must be watered deeply but infrequently. If you water your plant too often, the roots may start to rot, causing the leaves to turn yellow.
  • Finally, temperature stress can also cause yellowing leaves. If your plant is sitting in a drafty spot or near a heating vent, it may start to turn yellow.

If you think one of these factors might be causing your plant to turn yellow, try moving it to a brighter spot or watering it less frequently.

Is Donkey Tail Succulent Poisonous?

Donkey tail succulent is a succulent that grows in arid areas of the world. It is a popular houseplant, but some people are wary of its poisonous properties. Donkey tail succulent contains oxalic acid, which can be poisonous if ingested. It is best to keep donkey tail succulents away from pets and children because they could potentially ingest the plant’s toxins.

Does Touching Succulents Hurt Them?

No, touching succulents do not hurt them. Succulents are pretty tough plants and can withstand a lot of handling. However, suppose you’re handling them a lot. In that case, it’s best to wash your hands before and after to avoid transferring any harmful bacteria or pests.

Do Donkey Tails Need Humidity?

Donkey tails are succulents, so they do not need a lot of humidity. They can tolerate some drought but will do best if given some supplemental water during dry periods.

How To Propagate Donkey Tail In Water?

To propagate donkey tail in the water, you will need to take a cutting from a healthy plant. Choose a stem with several leaves that is at least 6 inches long. Cut the stem below a leaf node (where the leaves attach to the stem) using a sharp knife or gardening shears. Remove the lower leaves from the stem, leaving 2-3 leaves near the top.


Learning how to propagate donkey tail succulents, scientifically known as Sedum morganianum, can be a gratifying and enjoyable gardening endeavor. These fascinating plants, with their cascading trails of plump, teardrop-shaped leaves, add an exotic touch to any indoor or outdoor space.

By adhering to the propagation techniques and tips discussed in this article, you can successfully multiply your donkey tail succulents and cultivate a lush, captivating display.

Perfect for personal cultivation or to share as gifts with loved ones, these low-maintenance succulents offer a unique and eye-catching addition to any plant collection. As you continue to refine your propagation skills, don’t hesitate to explore the diverse and enchanting world of succulents further.