Perhaps you, like me, can’t help but enjoy the beauty of an orchid plant. They are delicate and one, with long spikes reaching to the sky. It’s no surprise they’re one of the most popular house plants. But what if you want your orchid to have more than one spike or stem?

One of the essential things with orchids is multiple stems or spikes. Many people don’t know how to maintain orchids carefully. As a result, they don’t grow several branches.

If you’re searching for how to get multiple stems on an orchid, look no further! In this article, we’ll explain how to grow a happy, healthy orchid plant that produces a lot of flower spikes.

How To Get Multiple Stems On An Orchid

Getting multiple stems on an orchid is a very simple process. Your orchid can grow into a beautiful, multi-stemmed plant with a little TLC (tender, love, and care). Here are the essential steps you must take to complete this:

Pick A Healthy Orchid Plant

How To Get Multiple Stems On An Orchid

If you want to get several stems on an orchid, the first and most crucial step is to start with a healthy plant. This entails selecting a plant in good condition with plenty of leaves. Growing many stems will be more difficult if you start with a sick or weak plant. So choose a healthy orchid to give it the best chance of succeeding.

Select A Pot That Has Good Drainage

can a pot be too big for a plant

When growing multiple stems on an orchid, choosing a pot with proper drainage is most important. This is because orchids require well-drained soil to thrive. If you don’t use a pot with good drainage, the water will stagnate, and your plant will drown. This will damage your plant, but it can also create root rot, a fungus that grows in wet soil and spreads quickly.

How can you tell if a pot has proper drainage? The best method is to observe how the pot is produced. For example, there should be enough holes in the pot’s bottom for water to flow out. 

Place Your Orchid In A Sunny Spot

orchid light requirements chart

Orchid blooms with a single stem can produce multiple stems by placing them in a sunny spot. The increased light will cause the plant to grow more stems. If the orchid is already growing multiple stems, putting it in a sunny spot will help to encourage more blooms.

Water Your Orchid Regularly

Water Your Orchid Regularly

Many people mistake overwatering their orchids, resulting in yellow leaves and a sickly plant. So one of the most important aspects of developing multiple stems on an orchid is choosing how much water to provide to an orchid.

To get multiple stems on an orchid, start with how frequently you water it. It is ideal for watering your orchid once a week, but not every day.

The amount of water you should give your orchid is dependent on how hot it is. The more water it needs to stay hydrated as the temperature rises.

Orchids are sensitive about how much water they get, so be careful how frequently you water them. Before watering your plant again, always examine the soil to ensure it isn’t burnt.

Give Your Orchid Fertilizer Every Other Week

orchid fertilizer homemade

Fertilizer is necessary for orchid growth because it aids their health and strength. You must fertilize your orchid every other week if you want it to have several stems.

There are many different types of orchid fertilizer; choose one designed for orchids. This form of fertilizer will aid in the growth and health of your plant!

Pinching Your Orchid To Promote Branching Out

double spike orchid trimming

Pinching your orchid might help it branch out and grow multiple stems. Pinching an orchid helps the plant to produce more blooms and buds. Pinching also helps in the plant’s density and keeps it from getting bushy.

Give Your Orchid Time

Give Your Orchid Time

You must give an orchid time if you want it to grow multiple stems. Certain orchid kinds can take several years to grow multiple stems, so be patient. If you buy an orchid for the first time, don’t expect it to have multiple stems immediately soon. Once the orchid has begun to grow new stems, you can shift it to a less sunny location.

Where To Cut The Flower Spike Get Multiple Stems On An Orchid

orchid flower spike or root

We all know that multiple stems can grow on a single plant when it comes to orchids. This happens when the plant is cut, and new growth is encouraged. But where do you cut on an orchid to get multiple stems?

There are several places on an orchid that you can cut to get multiple stems. One of the most common areas to cut is below the node, where the leaves connect the stem. You can also cut higher up on the stalk toward the flowers. Just be careful not to cut too high up, as this will harm the plant and prevent it from blossoming.

Another option is to cut a portion of the stem that has already flowered and is no longer required. This will promote new growth at the plant’s base, resulting in many stems.

FAQ About Getting Multiple Stems On An Orchid

Can Orchids Have More Than One Stem?

Yes, many orchids can have more than one stem. This is especially common with orchids propagated by rooting tissue. The root system will grow new stems from the original rootstock.

How Many Flowers Can An Orchid Have?

An orchid can have a few flowers, or it can have dozens. The number of flowers on an orchid depends on the species of orchid and the size of the plant. Some orchids have so many flowers they look like a bouquet.

Where To Cut Orchid Stem After Flowers Fall Off?

It’s time to cut the stem when an orchid’s flowers have died and faded away. However, where should you cut it? Below are three different ways to cut orchid stems for orchid new growth on the stem.

  • The first way to cut an orchid stem is to cut it right below the flowers. This method is simple and easy, and it allows you to see how much of the stem needs to be cut off. 
  • The second way to cut an orchid stem is to cut it above the node (the point where a leaf meets the stem). This method is beneficial because it encourages new growth. 
  • The third way to cut an orchid stem is to cut it at an angle. This method helps reduce water loss from the plant.

How Long Does It Take An Orchid To Grow A New Spike?

Depending on the species, an orchid can take anywhere from a few weeks to grow a new spike. Sometimes we can see orchid spikes growing sideways rather than straight up. This is often due to a lack of space or nutrients in the pot. If your orchid isn’t growing new spikes correctly, you may need to another pot it into a larger pot with fresh soil.

What Is The Easiest Way To Get Multiple Orchid Stems On An Orchid?

Using sharp scissors, cutting off all but one of your orchid plant’s branches is the simplest technique to grow several orchid stems. You urge your plant to spread out even more and perhaps produce numerous blossoms by leaving only one stem left. Although this procedure may appear harsh at first, it will not harm your Orchids in the long run.

What Can I Do To Encourage Blooming?

Remember to give your new plants plenty of sunlight once they grow so they don’t get lanky. If the roots of your orchids become exposed, they may need to be repotted, so keep an eye out for symptoms of danger under the leaves! 

Why Do I Only Get One Stem On My Orchids While Other People Have Many Orchid Spikes Or Orchid Branching Spikes?

This is because you are either watering your plant too much or not. Other things that can cause this include negative root growth, over-fertilization, too much sun/heat, or simply not enough humidity. Remember, some Orchids are picky about depending on orchid care.

Should I Fertilize My Orchid Plant During The Winter Months?

Fertilizing your orchid plant after the blooms have faded is a good idea, so do so during the winter when it isn’t growing much. Many people believe that you shouldn’t fertilize their orchids during the winter. However, this is simply because many orchids hibernate throughout the winter.

Does An Old Orchid Spike Rebloom?

If you wait long enough, phalaenopsis orchids will bloom again! Even if your plant is past its prime, it should produce new flowers if you provide it with the correct care. Place your orchid in colder temps with indirect light to encourage reblooming.


I hope this article has clarified how to get multiple stems on an orchid. Start with a healthy plant, choose a pot with a drainage system, set your orchid in a sunny spot, water it regularly, and fertilize it every other week. Pinching your orchid may also help it branch out and develop multiple stems. Finally, be patient and allow your orchid to generate multiple stems.