Feng Shui, a form of Chinese traditional medicine, studies how living things interact with their environment and how this affects their well-being.

Good feng shui plants for office are frequently seen as significant in the context of a workplace since they may support an increase in energy and productivity. They can also ease tension and encourage serenity.

Thank goodness, I’ve compiled a list of the best Feng Shui plants for your workplace.

What Your Workspace Represents in Feng Shui?

Good Feng Shui Plants For Office

Your workspace is one of the most important places in your life. It represents who you are as a person and what you stand for. The Feng Shui principles apply to your workplace depending on your business type, but some general principles always apply. 

Regarding Feng Shui, your office is symbolic of your life. Suppose your office is in an unfavorable area or has negative energy influences. In that case, it can reflect how you feel at work and interact with co-workers. You may find that you’re not as productive as usual or that tensions run high. In some cases, damaged furniture or missing items can also be associated with bad feng shui. 

Consider all the elements that contribute to excellent feng shui in your office, including the arrangement of furniture, colors, plants and decorations, lighting, etc. if you want to increase luck and success there. A skilled feng shui expert is the finest resource for learning what suits you best.

10 Best Feng Shui Plants That Are Best Suited For An Office

Regarding feng shui, the best plants for an office can make a big difference. Here are ten of the best feng shui plants for an office:

Good Feng Shui Plants For Office

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a type of dracaena, considered one of the most promising plants in feng shui. It’s believed to bring wealth, prosperity, good fortune, openheartedness, and happiness. Lucky bamboo should be positioned in your office desk’s wealth or relationship corner, depending on which areas you feel are most important for your career.


Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties, making it a popular plant for offices dealing with stress. It’s also an ideal plant for reducing anxiety and boosting concentration. Place aloe in your desk’s southeast or southwest corner to achieve the best results.

English Ivy

English ivy is considered a symbol of luck and protection, making it an ideal plant for businesses dealing with sensitive data or customer information. Placing ivy near your computer can help to keep you protected from online threats and harmful downloads.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are considered to be symbols of serenity and calmness, which can help you focus during long hours at work. They’re also known to bring prosperity into any space they’re placed in, making them perfect for offices dealing with money worries or financial concerns. Place peace lilies near your front door or windows to increase luck and attract positive energy into your workplace.

Jade Plant

The jade plant is a promising feng shui plant because its beautiful, glossy, green leaf segments are shaped almost like coins. Jade is also considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, making it the perfect plant for an office dealing with lots of paperwork and stress. Place jade in any part of your office, which is especially beneficial in the southeast or southwest corner.

Buddha Palm

The Buddha’s palm is a symbol of enlightenment and growth, which can help you focus and be more productive during long hours at work. It’s also a soothing plant, making it ideal for offices dealing with high stress or anxiety levels. Place the Buddha palm in any part of your office, which is especially beneficial in the northeast or northwest corner.


Ficus trees are considered symbols of strength and stability, which can help you stay calm during stress or anxiety at work. They’re also Maintenance free, making them a great option for spaces with a lot of dust and clutter. Ficus trees can place in any part of your office but are especially beneficial in the southeast or southwest corner.

Money Tree

A money tree is a perfect choice for adding a bit of green to your office desk and bank account, according to feng shui principles. Their strong, upward-growing stems and softly ovate leaves will attract positive energy to the wealth corner. Place a money tree in any part of your office, which is especially beneficial in the southwest corner.

Blooming Jasmine

This sweet-smelling jasmine is perfect for offices with a relaxed vibe. Place the plant in the northeast or northwest corner of your office to bring in positive energy and promote relaxation. Blooming jasmine also grows stronger at night, making it perfect for working late into the night.

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is a great choice, with softly bursting tendrils that will bring tranquility to your workspace. Place the fern in either the wealth or relationship corner of your desk for an infusion of positivity and vitality. Boston fern prefers medium to low filtered light, evenly moist soil, and moderate humidity.

How To Choose The Best Feng Shui Plants For The Office?

Good Feng Shui Plants For Office

Feng shui is a Chinese practice focusing on an area’s energy flow. Plants are thought to bring good or bad energy into an area, so you can choose plants that balance the energy in your office. Here are some tips for choosing the best feng shui plants for the office:

  • First, consider what environment you want your office to be in. If you’re looking for a calm and relaxing space, choose plants that will help with this, like lavender or neroli. On the other hand, if you need an energizing environment, try planting things like ivy or jasmine.
  • Next, think about what type of work you do in your office. If you’re sitting most of the day, go with plants that don’t require much attention, like ferns or bonsai trees. If you’re constantly moving around, choose plants that can grow quickly, like ivy or bamboo.
  • Finally, think about what type of person works in your office. If a team environment requires lots of collaboration, go for plants that promote communication, like rosemary or sage. If it’s more individualistic, go for plants like jade or ivy that are good at promoting privacy.

How to Place Feng Shui Plants in Your Office?

Many feng shui plants are used to improve the energy of an office. Here are a few ways to place feng shui plants in your office:

  • Place a feng shui plant near the front door or entranceway to help bring in positive energy. 
  • Placing a feng shui plant near your desk can help you stay focused and organized. 
  • Choose a plant that benefits your work area, such as a jade plant for fiscal stability or an elephant ear for abundance and prosperity. 
  • Place plants in corners and by windows to promote fresh air and circulation, which energizes the office space. 
  • Choose plants with dark green leaves symbolically associated with money (such as bok choy) because they symbolize prosperity and abundance. 
  • A lucky bamboo plant can also be placed in the office, as it is believed to bring good luck and protect against negative energies. 
  • To add some color and life to office space, choose flowers such as irises or daffodils that are positively associated with Feng Shui.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Plant Is Lucky For The Office?

Many plants are considered lucky for the office because they are used in decorations or to make a space more comfortable and inviting. Some good examples are ferns, ivy, and lilies. Some people also believe that placing lucky plants near the front door can help to attract good luck.

Which Plant Is Best For Wealth?

The best plant for wealth is the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant has been shown to have many health benefits, including helping with stress relief and improving memory. Additionally, Cannabis sativa flowers can use to make products such as oils and waxes, which are used in various ways to generate money.

Is It Good To Keep Cactus At The Office?

Offices benefit from having cacti since they may offer a dash of color and texture. Cacti are tough to maintain and may need particular care, so they might not be the greatest option for every room. Before introducing cacti into an office, it’s crucial to consider whether they’ll fit in and keep an eye on them to ensure they’re doing well.

Is The Snake Plant Lucky In Feng Shui?

The snake plant is considered to be a lucky plant in Feng Shui because it has many folds and coils that can symbolize wealth. Additionally, the long leaves represent long life, and the flowers are often thought to bring good luck.

Which Plant Brings Success?

There are many factors at play when it comes to success, but one of the most important is the plant you choose. A study conducted by Harvard Business School found that plants can influence employee productivity, motivation, and satisfaction. So if you’re looking for a boost in your business, consider choosing a plant that will bring you success.


If you want to improve your work environment, consider adding some of the best feng shui plants for offices to your space. These plants can help to increase energy and productivity while also providing a sense of tranquility and peace. If you’re unsure where to start, consult a trusted feng shui consultant or check out our list of the best feng shui plants for offices.