Orchids and succulents are two popular types of plants that are often used in landscaping and home décor. Both plants are easy to care for and require little maintenance. But can you plant orchids with succulents? The answer is yes! This blog post will show you how to plant orchids with succulents. Stay tuned to learn more!

Short description of Orchid and Succulent

An orchid is a type of flower typically found in tropical environments. They are characterized by their unique shape and often vibrant colors. Orchids are relatively delicate flowers and require specific care to bloom properly.

A succulent plant has evolved to store water in its tissues, allowing it to survive in arid environments. These plants have fleshy leaves and/or stems that can store water for long periods, enabling them to go extended periods without rainfall. Succulents are found in various habitats, from deserts to mountains to coastal areas.

Can you plant orchids with succulents?

Succulents are a great choice for orchids because they help retain moisture in the soil, which is important for orchids that grow in dry climates. Succulents also help to protect the orchid from pests and diseases. You can plant orchids with succulents by spacing them evenly around the pot and watering them well. Be sure to fertilize them regularly with a high-nitrogen fertilizer.

What Kind of Orchids Can You Plant With Succulents?

Orchids and succulents are two of the most popular plant types today. They both have unique features that make them stand out in the plant world. And they both require similar care, so they are often planted together. Here are some of the best orchids you can plant with succulents:

01. Cattleya Orchid: The Cattleya orchid is a classic orchid that has been popular for centuries. It has large, showy flowers that come in a variety of colors. The Cattleya is an easy-to-grow orchid and does well when planted with succulents.

02. Dendrobium Orchid: The Dendrobium orchid is another popular choice for those looking to add an orchid to their succulent collection. It is a bit more challenging to grow than the Cattleya, but its beautiful blooms are worth the effort.

03. Oncidium Orchid: The Oncidium orchid is a great choice for those who want a bit of color in their succulent garden. Its flowers come in various colors, including yellow, pink, and red. Oncidiums are easy to grow and add to any succulent collection.

04. Phalaenopsis Orchid: The Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the most popular orchids because of its beautiful flowers. It comes in various colors, including white, pink, and purple. Phalaenopsis orchids are relatively easy to grow and add to any succulent garden.

05. Vanda Orchid: The Vanda orchid is a beautiful orchid that comes in various colors. It is a bit more challenging to grow than some other orchids on this list, but its stunning blooms are worth the effort.

How to Plant Orchids With Succulents for stunning gardens

One of the most important considerations when planning a garden is finding plants that will work well together. One great option is to combine plants from different groups, such as orchids and succulents.

There are many ways to combine these two types of plants, but here are five tips for planting orchids with succulents:

01. Choose a location that receives full sun. Orchids need plenty of sunlight to grow and flower properly.

02. Select a well-drained soil mix for the succulent plant. Orchid roots may look for moisture in the soil, but the succulent should not be waterlogged.

03. Choose an appropriate orchid for planting with succulents. Some orchids do well in the partial sun, while others prefer full sun. The succulent you also choose matters; some are better suited to warm climates while others do well in cooler climates.

04. Plant the orchid near the base of the succulent plant so that they share resources (water, fertilizer). This will help ensure the good growth and flowering of both plants.

05. Prune the orchid back to maintain its shape and size. This will help prevent it from becoming top-heavy and leaning over the succulent.

Enjoy your stunning garden!

What are the Benefits of Planting Orchids With Succulents?

There are many benefits to planting orchids with succulents. The benefits of planting orchids with succulents include:

  • They can provide a lush and colorful addition to any garden, regardless of the climate.
  • Succulents can help keep the soil moist, which is beneficial for orchids in areas where rainfall is scarce.
  • Both plants share similar watering needs and can be easily managed together.
  • Orchids can provide succulents pollination services, thus helping ensure good growth and flowering.

FAQ about planting orchids with succulents

Can orchids be potted with other plants?

The simple answer is yes. Orchids can be potted with other plants. However, it is important to use caution when doing so, as some plants may not be compatible with orchids and could potentially harm them. For example, orchids should not be potted with ferns, as the moist environment created by the ferns can cause orchid root rot.

What plant goes with orchids?

The correct term for a companion plant to an orchid is an orchid companion plant. There are many different orchid companion plants, but the most popular are those that provide humidity, such as ferns, mosses, and bromeliads. It is important to choose an orchid companion plant that is compatible with the orchid’s needs and the growing environment.

What plants can you mix with succulents?

Succulents are plants adapted to survive in dry climates by storing water in their leaves or stems. They can be grown indoors or outdoors and mixed with other plants, including other succulents, to create a beautiful garden or landscape. When choosing plants to mix with succulents, it is important to consider the climate where they will be grown and the size and shape of the succulents.

Is the orchid a succulent?

Orchid is not a succulent. Succulents are plants that have adapted to store water in their leaves, stems, or roots to survive in drier climates. Orchids are epiphytes, meaning they grow on other plants (usually trees) and get water and nutrients from the air and rain. While orchids do have some adaptations to help them conserve water.

Do orchids grow better together?

There is some debate as to whether or not orchids grow better together. Some people believe they do, as the plants can help each other thrive and produce more flowers. Others believe they should be grown separately, allowing each plant to receive more attention and nutrients.

Can orchids and ferns grow together?

This depends on the varieties of orchids and ferns and their growing conditions. Most experts think that orchids and ferns can thrive together if given enough sunlight and maintained moist.

How close can you plant succulents together?

The spacing of succulents is important for two reasons: first, they need space to grow, and second, they need space to avoid disease. If you plant succulents too close together, they will crowd each other and not grow properly. They may also contract diseases if they are too close to other plants. Giving succulents at least six inches of space between them is best.


In conclusion, orchids and succulents can be planted together successfully. If you are looking for an easy way to add some color and life to your garden, this is a great option. Just make sure to follow the proper planting guidelines to ensure that your plants grow healthy and thrive.