Succulents are a type of plant known for their ability to store water. Succulents can survive in environments where other plants would die. But can succulents grow in a fish tank? This blog post will show you how to grow succulents in a fish tank. Stay tuned to learn more!

Can you grow succulents in a fish tank?

The answer is yes, but they can’t grow if they emerge in the tank with water. Consider a few things before you start growing succulents in your fish tank. Many different types of succulents can grow in a fish tank. Some succulents, like aloe vera, do well with low lighting and little water. Other succulents, like cacti, need plenty of light and water. Before purchasing a succulent for your aquarium, research it to know how much water and light it needs. Most succulents will do well in a medium-sized fish tank with plenty of room to spare.

Tips To Grow Succulents In A Fish Tank Safely And Easily

Succulents are plants that can thrive in a wide variety of soil and water conditions, and they are the perfect choice for those who want to grow plants in a fish tank. Here are seven tips for how to grow succulents in a fish tank safely and easily:

1. Choose the right succulent: Many succulents are available, so choosing one compatible with your fish tank and the other plants in your aquarium is important. Some popular succulents grown in a fish tank include aloe vera, cactus, sedums, and echeverias.

2. Create an environment suitable for succulent growth: Succulent plants need sunlight, but they don’t need direct sunlight as other plants do; they need the light that passes through the leaves and hits the ground below them. To create an environment suitable for growing succulents, place your plant on a flat surface or mount it on a substrate that allows light to pass through it easily (like gravel). You can also place your plant inside an indirect light fixture if one is mounted above your tank.

3. Water your succulent correctly: Like all plants, succulents need water to survive and grow. Water your succulent regularly and keep the water clean by checking the pH level and adding fresh water if necessary. If you’re growing a succulent in a fish tank with other fish, make sure to feed your tank a balanced aquarium fish meal that’s high in plant nutrients like vegetable protein and low in animal protein.

4. Fertilize your succulent regularly: Succulents grown in a fish tank will require fertilization every two or three months, depending on the type of succulents you are growing. Many aquarists fertilize their plants with a balanced aquarium fertilizer that is high in plant nutrients like vegetable protein and low in animal protein.

5. Prune your succulent regularly: To keep your plant healthy and looking its best, prune it periodically to remove dead or damaged leaves or branches.

6. Monitor your succulent water conditions closely: Always check the water conditions of your succulent before watering it and make adjustments as needed, especially if you notice any changes in color or smell, to ensure that the water is kept clean and healthy for your plant.Your tank drainage system should be able to handle the extra water, and you should never overwater succulents.

What to Do When Your Succulent Grows Too Much in a Fish Tank?

It is frustrating when a succulent grows too much in a fish tank. It is possible to do several things to manage your plant’s growth better.

  • First, water the plant regularly and ensure it has plenty of oxygen and light.
  • Second, remove any overgrown leaves or stem tips with a sharp knife or scissors.
  • Finally, use a gravel substrate instead of sand to help control water movement and prevent the succulent from sitting in wet areas.

frequently asked questions

Do succulents like aquarium water?

A variety of succulents have different preferences. However, most succulents do prefer relatively dry soil conditions. So they are unhappy in an aquarium where the water is constantly moist. It is worth experimenting with different succulents to see which ones thrive in your aquarium water conditions.

Can you plant succulents in a glass terrarium?

While succulents can technically plant in a glass terrarium, it is not ideal. The small amount of soil will not provide enough nutrients for the succulents, and the lack of drainage will likely lead to the plant rotting. Plain succulents in a container with proper drainages, such as a pot with a hole in the bottom.

Can I turn my fish tank into a terrarium?

Specifically, it depends on the types of fish in the tank and the plants in the terrarium. Suppose your fish enjoy swimming around in a lot of open water. In that case, they may not do well in a terrarium with low oxygen levels. Additionally, some plants may not do well in high humidity levels, which is common in terrariums.

Can I plant succulents in Mason jars?

A succulent plant’s leaves or stems can store water, making it resistant to dryness. They are planted in any container, but it’s important to use a potting mix that drains well. A Mason jar is an ideal container for succulents because the mouth is wide enough to allow the roots to spread out, and the glass will help keep the soil moist.


Succulents can grow in a fish tank if the water level is high enough and the light exposure is acceptable. They are a terrific addition to any fish tank and can beautify the tank or give cover for the fish.