Monstera is a plant that grows in South America and some parts of Central America. Because of its strange size and shape, it is often used as an ornamental plant. It has pink or white flowers that grow from the center of the leaves.

Monstera soil is a potting mix specifically designed for this type of plant. The mix contains sand, perlite, and sphagnum moss to help drainage and air circulation. 

Can you Use Succulent Soil for Monstera?

No, you cannot use cactus soil for your monstera plant. Your plant will fall over the pot if you use only succulent soil. It would help if you had a soil mix specifically designed for Monstera.

You can use peat moss, compost, or a mixture. When using these materials, give your plant plenty of water because they are not intended to replace regular potting soil.

But if you know what to do, you can still make a homemade mix for your monstera plant that works just as well. Monstera does best in potting mix that drains well. A premium potting mix is a good place to start, but a cacti/succulent mix or even a chunky orchid mix works great to help with drainage.

How to prepare Succulent Soil for Monstera?

When choosing the right soil for your Monstera, there are two things you need to keep in mind: drainage and organic matter. Even if the soil around your Monstera plants doesn’t drain well, potting mix that drains well will help them stay healthy and grow.

Soil for cactus doesn’t keep water for long enough. It works great for dry-loving plants like succulents and cactus.

But our monstera plant doesn’t like it. So, how can we fix the problem? It’s quite simple:

  • Take part of cactus soil and add enough peat moss or cocopeat to make a soft and spongy mix.
  • Use peat moss or cocopeat in place of cactus soil. Peat moss is naturally high in moisture retention so it will work great for our monstera plant. Not only that, but it also has excellent drainage properties.
  • Cocopeat is even better because of its drainage and moisture retention capabilities. Plus, it’s made from crushed coconut shells, adding a little texture to the mix.
  • Add enough compost to make a slightly hard mix. Compost is a great choice because it contains plenty of organic matter. This will help improve your mix’s drainage and water uptake ability.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using succulent soil for Monstera?

When it comes to soil, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The soil you use will depend on the type of plants you are growing and your personal preferences. If you are growing succulents, you may wonder if succulent soil is the best option for your plants. The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.


For plants that need frequent watering, succulent soil is the best choice because it holds moisture better than other soil types.

  • The soil’s high porosity allows for better drainage, which is important for preventing root rot.
  • Succulent soil is rich in nutrients, which can help promote growth.
  • The soil’s light weight makes it easy to transport and handle.


  • The high porosity of succulent soil can make it difficult to keep plants moist during periods of drought.
  • The soil’s high nutrient content can lead to problems with over-fertilization.
  • The light weight of the soil can make it difficult to anchor plants.
  • The soil can be messy and difficult to clean up.

Frequently asked questions

What soil should I use for my Monstera?

A rich, organic potting mix is the best soil for a Monstera plant. The soil should be well-draining, as the plant prefers to dry out between waterings. A potting mix high in peat moss or vermiculite will work well.

Can monsters use cactus soil?

Monsteras are epiphytes, which means they grow attached to another plant or object and derive their nutrients from the air and rain. Cactus soil is likely too dense and nutrient-poor for monsters to thrive in.

Can I use succulent soil for other plants?

The succulent soil can be used for other plants, but it is not ideal. The soil for succulents has a lot of organic matter, which means it has a lot of the nutrients that succulents need to grow. Other plants don’t need these nutrients to grow, so using succulent soil on other plants could leave them short on nutrients.

Can I use succulent soil for philodendron?

The succulent soil is appropriate for the philodendron because it is succulent. The succulent soil is denser and holds more water than potting soil, which is necessary for a philodendron. The succulent soil will also help keep the humidity levels high near the plant, which is ideal for a philodendron.

Can you use Miracle-Gro potting mix Monstera?

The potting mix you are using is not ideal for Monstera. Miracle-Gro is a brand of potting mix that is specifically designed for houseplants. It contains higher levels of organic matter, which will help keep the soil moisture level consistent. It also has a higher pH level, which benefits plants that prefer acidic soils.


In conclusion, you can use succulent soil with some modification to grow a Monster. Yet, it is important to do your research and make sure the succulent soil is right for your specific plant. Be sure to ask your local nursery if they have any recommendations for the best succulent soil for your Monstera.